Welcome to the FSA Store Marketing Partnership Program.

FSAStore.com has created the only Marketing Partnership Program that allows FSA Administrators to share FSA Eligible products, services, and a learning center with their participants. As an FSA Administrator you can use turnkey marketing materials that we provide for you to refer participants to the FSAStore.

Key Points of the Partnership Program:

What is FSAStore.com? FSAStore.com is a one-stop destination for Flexible Spending Accounts. We provide only FSA Eligible Products and have thousands of products available to be shipped directly to participants’ homes. We accept all FSA Debit Cards as well as all major credit cards. We are also the only site which allows participants to search for over 65,000 eligible medical services in their area. Our Learning Center also answers 100’s of questions on FSA Accounts and is a good way to inform participants about the upcoming healthcare changes to their FSA Accounts. We truly add value for FSA Account Holders.

Why Should TPA's Recommend FSAStore.com to their Participants?

  • FSAStore.com helps participants understand the 2011 OTC changeover because we only sell FSA Eligible Items. In 2011, we will switch over to the new SIGIS list and make the transition as easy and visible as possible for participants.
  • Our approach to products, services, and the Learning Center increases awareness and usage of Flexible Spending Accounts. More participants signing up for FSA's is a win-win for TPA's.
  • Shopping in store will become increasingly complex for FSA account holders as it will be difficult to know what is still eligible under an FSA. Shopping online will be easier because everything we sell is FSA Eligible.

Do you have a clear cut plan to make your participants aware of the shift in the FSA Eligible Product Line for 2011?

  • From the thousands of products in the SIGIS list approximately 35% will no longer be FSA Eligible. These changes will automatically be adjusted after 2011 on our site to make the transition easy.
  • FSAStore.com is fully certified and regularly monitors all of our on-line products for eligibility. This is to make certain that all of our available on-line products are always IIAS Certified / FSA Eligible.
  • FSAStore offers a FSA Eligible Services Section for participants. With a rapidly growing database of 65,000 Medical Practitioners, your participants will be able to search for local Doctors in their area, research their ratings, and finally book an appointment on-line.

How do I let my participants know about FSAStore.com?

We do all the work for you to easily market to your participants. Once you consult with us we send you all banner artwork which are local clickable ads that track when you refer a customer and when that customer shops online. You can include these on your website and in emails to your participants to let them know about the new and easy way to spend their FSA funds. We have it covered.

In Summary:

  • Our marketing partnership program offers a turnkey approach to helping your participants understand what is eligible under their FSA Account.
  • Our on-line store will offer your participants valuable access to coupons and promotions from FSAStore.
  • Our Learning Center encourages participation in FSA’s and promotes wise fund allocation.
  • • Our Services Section offers participants a rapidly growing database of FSA Eligible Medical Practitioners (currently 65,000).

Still have questions? Please feel free to give us a call at 888-FSA-1450 Ext. 3 or by email at fsaadmin@fsastore.com

» click here to apply for the program, we will contact you if more information is needed.